Dinosaur-Hearted by Ra Avis

Featuring a collection of concepts pulled through in story form, memoirist Ra Avis gently calls for happiness in a time of healing.  The book is decorated with sign board images and handscribed doodles constantly reaffirming the message that you are loved.

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what others are saying

“Ra Avis is an incredibly talented and wondrous woman and her latest book of poetry is indescribably delicious. In her gentle and always honest words she addresses the things that life is made of. All of the hurts and joys, setbacks and triumphs, joys and sadnesses are laid out for her readers to explore.
Each selection in Dinosaur-Hearted is a story in its own right and I savored each poem and took my time working through the book so that I could just enjoy each one for the wonderful work that it is. What a gift Ra Avis has for touching the human soul by sharing hers so openly.
One of the things that I love most about the book are the inspirational / motivational sayings that are sprinkled throughout the book. They touched my heart and I think that is the goal.
If you need a book that moves and encourages you this is it. It would make a great gift book for any occasion and I am so happy that Ra followed up her prison poetry book Sack Nasty with this one. Both are well thought out and compiled so the reader has the best experience possible when delving into them. Don’t miss this one. It’s definitely a winner.”

– Beth Ann Chiles, Blogger and Book Critic

“Is there such a thing as brutal gentleness? This book feels like when my neighbor taught me how to box so that I wouldn’t get picked on so much. There are things that hit you right in the chest and maybe you cry a little but then you realize you needed to let that out. It’s deep, but it’s light. It’s rough but it’s loving. Damn good book.”

– Byron Hamel