A Death on Skunk Street by William S. Friday

A Death on Skunk Street is the first stand-alone book by Los Angeles poet William S. Friday. Subtitled, “…a life in poems”, the book is both a remembrance, and a look forward, at what Bernard Malamud (“The Natural”) called, “The life we learn with… and the life we live after that”. Skunk Street is a work of visions, written by a blue-collar college drop-out with the eloquence of an angry Psalmist. Parts neon and noir, full moon and sunsets, and the words that come from feelings too often unexpressed. From loneliness in a sea of humanity to, comfort in the company of self. There’s blood, and brains, printed on every page. 

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what others are saying

“Friday’s collection is a book of ghosts. In it, he gives us the bitter pill of life and sweetens it with touches of irony and sarcasm, allowing us into, and out of, the poet’s world.”

-Lois P. Jones, Poetry Editor (Kyoto Journal)

“A Death on Skunk Street is a purposeful and uncompromisingly honest introspection… without all the usual… bullshit that passes for poetry today.”

-J.W. Gardner, veterans advocate and author (“In the Shadow of the Bomb”)

“I’ve been a fan of Bill’s work for some time, and now, this collection of highly personal, existential poems. This is what poetry SHOULD be.”

-Julian Gallo, novelist (“Breathe”)

“Concise. Emotional. Personal. It’s obvious that the thoughts and feeling expressed in Bill’s poetry are deeply felt. It’s good work.”

-Derrick Ferguson, author and creator (the “Dillon” series)